Saturday, November 9, 2013

digital home of the future home

In the information society and digitized world , the future is expected to families (probably only those with money) is the digital home. This is digitally adapt our home for the day to day needs .

By definition , the digital home is a house tecnolóicamente adapted to the needs of the family and the work they have to do at home, much more bearable and is more integrated with the environment. Talking digital home or home automation means not just science fiction, but mass apply technologies that are being used every day.

Digitization of households

There are already many projects for this home of the future . It not only speaks of lights, shutters and doors that open by themselves , but a whole series of interesting services primarily for families with special needs.

Especially if there are children or elderly home , digital home gives us a range of possibilities focused on improving our quality of life :

    Digitization of household equipment and infrastructure : windows, doors, lights that automatically work when scheduled .
    Leisure: digital tvs , communications and control integration . Convenient for the family to regulate and control digital entertainment and content appropriate for children.
    Internet : adapted to the needs of all individuals in the family and integrated mobile , tv and computers.
    Integration with the environment. Environmental sustainability ( energy control family to optimizing and saving ) .
    In social services for the whole family : tele-education, telemedicine.
    Adaptability to all audiences , all of them easy to use mechanisms for children and adults .

Is this too-distant future ? Now the work begins . The commission of the Digital Home in Spain is in charge of Asimec , an association of technology companies. Here, on their website you can catch up on these developments .